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May ,2013

Using a feature of the online version of the NYTimes called the Times Machine, (an aggregator of archived articles made digital and available online), Manhattan Users Guide has produced a roundup of New York area news and feature stories which provide a snapshot of the major events and mores of the people of NY in 1913.

From Manhattan Users Guide:

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Grand Central opened on February 2, 1913 and the Woolworth Building opened that year on April 24. These two icons still help define New York City a hundred years later and that got us wondering what else was going on in New York City that year? Here are some of the things major and minor on New Yorkers’ minds in 1913, with much help from the NY Times’ Times Machine. (We’ve included links to the articles, but you can only read them with an All Access Times subscription.)January 6
A letter to the editor of the Times about Vanished Bookshops laments the “decline of New York literary taste” and the closing of bookshops on 23rd Street between Fourth and Lexington.January 12
Wall Street’s Troubles and How to Remedy Them. The more things change, and all that.

Also on that date, the Times runs a review of Chekhov’s The Kiss and Other Stories under the headline A Russian Writer Greatly Overrated by Americans. Woops!

February 17
The 1913 Armory Show opens at the Armory on Lexington [25th/26th], now regarded as a seminal event in American art, bringing Modernism to the country. Duchamp’s Nude Descending a Staircase and Blue Nude by Matisse were two of the notable works.

March 30
Manhattan Borough President McAneny predicts, at a City Club luncheon, that the Day of the Skyscraper is Passing.

April 4
Nannyhattan! No Turkey Trotting with Tea: Mayor Gaynor wants to restrict afternoon dances. The Mayor, who had survived an assassination attempt on an ocean liner in 1910, would die later in 1913 on a deck chair of another ocean liner.

April 8
Girl’s Shoe Stolen Right Off Her Foot—Pump with Silver Buckle Is Grabbed as Miss Littlefield Climbs Subway Stairs

April 9
Brooklyn Dodger’s Ebbets Field opens.

April 13
A plan to make over New York’s GOP. “Reconstructed, the party, in this State at least, will no longer be dominated by stand-patters, but will be made ‘responsive to the will of the voters,’ as a letter sent out yesterday to young Republicans all over the State suggests.”

April 20
Wide Range of Hat Shapes at 1,000 Women’s Luncheon was the headline coverage by the Times for an event at the Hotel Astor for the Women’s League for Political Education.

May 18
About a month later, back in Onion territory, they ran a Sunday piece titled Exercise Cure For Feminine Unrest, with the subhead reading Noted Harvard Authority on Physical Training Says That Girl Who Jumps Fences and Acts Part of Hoyden and One Who Shouts ‘Votes for Women’ Both Seek Outlet for Normal Amount of Emotion.

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