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MTA Hosts Vintage Subway Swing Party With Nostalgia Holiday Trains

by Phillipe Martin Chatelain

holiday nostalgia trains-mta-nyc-untapped citiesPhotos Alex Wallach for Untapped Cities

A tradition in New York City returns as the MTA brings back 1930s-1970s trains to service Queens and Manhattan on Sundays this month. The old trains, like the one pictured above, will replace M train service between 10am and 5pm. In addition, there will be a vintage swing and blues party to accompany the festivities at the Second Avenue stop (F & M lines) on Sunday, December 8th which will feature music and dancing on the platform and trains.


holiday nostalgia trains-mta-nyc-untapped cities-003Photos Alex Wallach for Untapped Cities

According to the MTA press release:

The Nostalgia Special is made up of subway cars in service from the 1930s to the 1970s, running along the lettered lines from the Grand Concourse to Coney Island.  They were also the cars that originally operated along the Line.  Their ceiling fans, padded seats, and incandescent light bulbs were state-of-the-art when these cars were first placed in service.  The last of the cars were removed from service more than 35 years ago and replaced by the stainless steel, climate-controlled trains that our customers have become accustomed to today.

In addition to the nostalgia trains, vintage city buses will run crosstown on 42nd Street between December 2-20. These are also authentic to their time, except of course outfitted with MetroCard readers. Here are some more photos by Alex Wallach from our past coverage of the nostalgia trains:

holiday nostalgia trains-mta-nyc-untapped cities-002

holiday nostalgia trains-mta-nyc-untapped cities-004

Read also about the nostalgia trains in Paris!…

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from untapped cities:

Vintage Buses to Run on M42 Line for the Nostalgia Special in NYC

by Michelle Young

MTA Vintage Bus-NYC-Nostalgia Train-Omnibus

Yesterday, just as we were publishing about the return of the MTA’s vintage “Nostalgia” trains and buses, we caught sight of the Omnibus in Midtown on 3rd Avenue with a sign “Keep Back: BUS IN TOW.” The service started yesterday along 42nd Street, so its possible the bus might need some maintenance. This exact bus (#2969) was also featured at the MTA Vintage Bus Festival and a very observant reader noted via Twitter that this is the same as type of bus Rosa Parks was on when she refused to give up her seat.


According to the MTA press release, there are a variety of vintage buses that will be along the M42 line:

This season’s vintage fleet ranges from 1949 to 1968 and represents models that served New Yorkers from 1949 through 1984. A Mack bus will hit the road as well as a 1956 General Motors bus that, if it could talk, would boast of being the first air-conditioned bus to operate in New York City. Staten Islanders will get a special treat riding one of the first Staten Island express buses. A nice bus for the day, but it’s a far cry from our modern MCI and Prevost coaches in terms of comfort and efficiency.

Also don’t miss the vintage swing party that will launch the nostalgia subways this Sunday!…

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