Battle of Prohibition Cocktails. NYC Top Cocktail Mixologists Face Off! Join the Party!

We’re taking over an entire lower east side hot spot Casa Mezcal for this party.


86 Orchard St

Caza Mezcal

New York, NY 10002

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Bring your best 1920s look! Dressing up is encouraged.

Last call to celebrate Summer and it’s your last chance to get in on the most epic summer event in New York City. For one last hurray to summer, we’re highlighting a must see event: a Speakeasy style bartender battle thrown by Postcard, your way to uncover NYC in a new way. It’s New York’s sizzling app that shows you all the hottest venues and events around you, live…

PLEASE NOTE: While it is a free event, and you don’t need to buy any tickets (you do need to rsvp), we are currently closing in on the exciting new version of Postcard app and would value your feedback.

Please note that you do need to have Free Postcard app installed to join in this event. This will be main part of your admission ticket, you will show postcard app on your phone. (you can install the app for free at itunes)

Here are the 2 steps you will need to do before the event:

For Iphone: Install postcard app (it’s free, get it here). Now just RSVP on Eventbrite, and you are ready for the party!

For Android: If you don’t have iphone, bring a friend (who needs to follow step 1) who does and you both get in! (make sure to rsvp either you or your friend)


Which mixologist will make the better Prohibition cocktail?

Try them both and be the judge.

The Postcard app has been a leading source of all the best nightlife spots since their launch this July, and they’re sending off summer in style. Already the app has been used by top influencers, instagrammers, and even celebrities in NYC. If you haven’t tried it yet, you definitely should.


“My friends and I like to go where the people are and the app always shows us exactly where to go to have the best night out”

– Tamara Zhukova, NYC Fashion Model (in the photo above)

The Prohibition era was full of fun and revelry, the roaring twenties, flapper girls, post war partying, and of course, secret drinking at speakeasies aka “juice joints”. So it’s not surprising that today’s cocktails get their heaviest influence from this era, and liquors like gin, rye, and scotch have made a comeback in a big way.

This event’s two featured liquors, gin and scotch, have a special Prohibition history behind them.


Both were touted as industrial alcohols. Bootleggers with chemists on staff would strip away the denaturant (the dangerous stuff) in industrial high school lab ethanol, add colors and spices, and label it as premium European scotch or gin. Lucky for us, at this event we get to enjoy the real deal with all the fun, wild, and creative flavors that made these cocktails great!

Gin became the popular drink of choice because of its ease and speed to produce. Whiskey, while taking longer for that aged flavor, was still wildly popular as it could be masked as iced tea and had richer flavor to add to drinks. Interestingly enough, medicinal whiskey was perfectly legal.

Let the Prohibition Battle Begin!


These brave mixologists have each chosen a side and will recreate classic Prohibition era cocktails with a modern twist. It’s the best of the hooch world! On one end we have a chic twist on the Gin Sour, the Fitzgerald, and in the other corner, the Godfather, inspired by the classic Rusty Nail.

fitzgerald-drink.jpg godfather.jpg

These tasteful cocktails will have you swinging to the Great Gatsby flapper girl era and drinking like a true New York gangster mob boss. You’ll get all the great flavors of the roaring twenties in one major boozy showdown event!

For those of you who can’t get enough, be sure to check out recently launched Postcard app for New York City’s most amazing hidden speakeasies, brunch spots and live happenings around you. It just went live and you can be one of the first to uncover NYC through a different lense.


The event of the season is finally here, Battle of the Prohibition Cocktails! New York City’s finest mixologists face off in a free event of epic boozy proportions.


Try the app and hit up this spectacular free event!

The postcard map is unique in that only top rated venues dot their heatmap and goes a step further by showing you places that are not just the best, but are actually popular in the moment, live. Their algorithm is the first of its kind and has already taken New York City by storm.

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