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It was hard to pick interesting things for this monthly news thingy. We got some really cool stuff! Scroll down to see some. I have been posting really cool stuff on our Instagram & FB & Twitter like our Tesla show (where I met his oldest relative) and new box openings 🙂 Below is also info on Museum show Themes and Booking info of course too 🙂

And best of all the Summer of Love Secret Speakeasy and 3D VHS fest coming up and so many more shows!

– Sun July 23rd, 2017 6pm-10pm all ages
is the Museum Summer of Love Secret Speakeasy

We will debut vintage 16mm films of Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Jefferson Airplane and more! And have clothes you take selfies with!

** If you want the Museum to come to you or to visit see below or just email or call.

– Thur July 20th, 2017 7pm we are at the City Reliquary for a 3D VHS fest! Our 1st there!

– Sat July 15th, 2017 5pm-7pm the Adventure Club (the coolest site!) has our 16mm Jazz fest

Cool News! someone came to the Speakeasy and did a wonderful article and video.

The Museum got some cool new things (I put some pics below for you to check out)

You can now visit our offices on Broadway!  woohoo 🙂
Details are below to schedule a visit here or to have the Museum come to you.

I send only 1 email a month but if you wanna see more pics, events or learn more interesting things then FB the Museum. 🙂 

NOW WE HAVE Instagram

And even Twitter! (using carrier pigeon of course!)

– Teachers/Event gurus, Librarians, humans, the Museum has sooo many new items and themed exhibitions in nearly every subject from science to history / music to photography and more that we can bring to your school or event email or call.
We have some great themes listed below like Eureka! The History of Invention, The Windup Circus & the 16mm Sing-A-Long and other 16mm festivals like music, jazz, Animation, Space and WW2,  The History of Communication, photography, the 3D VHS fest, also science, Suffragettes, WW2/cold war antiques and any era of history and even math and music!

Dennydanielx@gmail.com 212 274 8757

– Here are some library shows, Mineola Libr Jul 22 10-5, Port Jeff Libr 11am adults & 2pm kids July 29th Roosevelt Library Aug 1 at 1pm .

– Also, scroll down, we are partnering with many companies to get you guys discounts on food and things like Doc Mac & TAJ AND our newest partner a 10% discount at Once Upon A Tart if you mention the Museum, see below 🙂

– Last but certainly not least…More More More New Things are below too! Soon we will launch our YouTube channel with Box Openings and more! Stay tuned….

More details for everything below  🙂

Hope to catch ya sooooon!




212 274 8757



The Museum has been Hot this summer and there are very few dates left clear into the Fall now! So contact me soon to save one.  Nearly every show we have, especially the new ones, have been booked. History (of course) to 3D animation/photography to Science and Literature and 16mm films nights. And we acquired many wonderful new items!

The Museum has so many themes for schools, events, corporations (team building), camps and even senior centers and especially libraries! We acquired so many educational, fun and interesting things and we also added more themes than ever.

We have done so many more kinds of events from Comic Con, Makerfaire to Coney Island, From K – 12 to NYU, TEDx and Steampunk festivals!

We have also been having other organizations do stuff at our Speakeasy so contact me if you wanna share the sandbox! hehe


Here are some popular themes:

“Eureka!” The History of Invention Show

“Can you hear me now?” The History of Communications Show

“Soothe the Savage Beast” The History of Music Show

“I Can See for Miles”  The Film & Photography Show

The Windup Circus “The Story of Toys Show!”

DOOMSDAY!  The History of WW2, the Cold war & Space Race

“It Hurts When I Do This” The History of Quack Medicine show

“Back to the Futurist / Missing Link” exhibition


–  Cool 16mm & VHS Short Film festivals!

VHS 3D Movie Festival (this has become a crowd fav!)

The Museum of Interesting Things: 16mm Circus Movie Night

16mm vintage film Bouncing Ball Sing-A-Long

16mm Vintage Jazz short Film Festival (another Crowd Fav) Who does not love Louis and Billie! 

16mm Beatles Sing A Long festival!

16mm Animation/Cartoon Exhibition and History

All movie presentations include a lecture/presentation using items from the Museum collection on the history of film and photography.


The History of Invention Show

Exploring the industrial revolution and mechanical era, with interactive demonstrations of such items as the steam engine, Thomas Edison cylinder phonograph, windup toys, Stereo/3D photography, mechanical door bells and mechanical/gear based household items such as butter churns and apple peelers.

Coinciding with the NY/NJ/PA Core Content Curriculum Standards for Science, Social Studies, Technology and STEM/STEAM
You can even sponsor a show for a school or event and pick the theme.

OK, so everyone asks me for special custom exhibitions: Yes we can!

You can check out our Facebook page.

We also do a workshop on Invention for adults and kids!

The Museum of Interesting Things – Invention Workshop

I am also now on the advisory board to the NY Stereoscopic society, the Beaux Arts Society and the 19th Century Society.

Let me know what you are teaching or what event you are doing and we can work together to bring some of our thousands, yes…thousands of items to inspire you.

Our purpose is to show people that their Ipods did Not pop out of thin air, it comes from a long line of inventions.

Let Bring Back curiosity and Tinkering!

There are many exhibitions this season so book quick to secure your preferred date and theme.





You can now finally visit the actual curator’s place at Museum of Interesting Things! If you wanna schedule a visit just give a call or email!

You will see, touch and have demonstrated:

1) Showing and demonstrating the items that travel and are the “Stars” of the Museum of Interesting Things exhibition,

like Edison Wax Cylinder players.

2) Showing the larger historic items that do not get to travel due to their size and so are a special treat for those who come here.

Like the Moviola that worked on many Hollywood movies!

3) Then you can ask about anything that your eye catches of course and most everything is interactive.

You can ask about the price of tea in China or the Transatlantic Cable or anything we have…your choice 🙂

4) Lastly the special treat for each person in your group is getting to open a new acquisition/package for the Museum that no one has seen before including me!

Imagine going to the MET and opening a mummy! I have not ordered a mummy yet…but ya never know!

Basically you get the cool parts of our show, Eureka! The History of Invention.

Call 212 274 8757 to schedule before you come


I got an 16mm vintage film the historic BOB DYLAN film “Subterranean Homesick Blues”! And we will play it at the Next Secret Speakeasy Sun July 23rd. The song was released 1965. This clip is from Pennebaker’s 1967 Bob Dylan documentary Don’t Look Back. It was filmed in an alley behind the Savoy Hotel in London. I actually got to meet Pennebaker years ago when my boss Ondi interviewed him at his home and I did much B-roll footage and got to talk to him and his son. They are both super sweet and creative! Pennebaker is one of the most important filmmakers ever! Look him up, he filmed everyone who is anyone! This song was inspired by the Woody Guthrie/Pete Seeger folk anthem “Taking It Easy” and is one of Dylan’s 1st electric songs. oh yes… the Vandals took the Handles 😛
I just got 2 of these Tin Wind Up Telephone Bears for the Museum’s Windup Circus show. One from a store on LI NY and one on the internet.

The arm holding the telephone raises and lowers.  The Mouth opens and closes.

The telephone rings then the bear picks it up and answers it.

It’s Made in Japan and it measures approx. 6.25″ tall.

I got this amazing Edison Poster (19 1/2 x 14 3/4 inches) showing what phonographs will play the new blue amberol records. The reverse side is a letter from Edison describing the attributes of the blue amberol records.

I also got a Direct Mail Service order Form and a Reminder Tip Sheet for keeping your Edison Cylinder Phonographs in top working order.

Cannot wait to display this at a speakeasy or show! It is what I call a Holy Grail item 🙂

The Summer of Love Secret Speakeasy is Sun July 23rd 6pm – 10pm all ages 21 to drink

The theme is:

60’s & 70’s Music, Tech & Fun

The Museum of Interesting Things

takes over a Soho loft for a 16mm short film party


16mm short 60’s & 70’s music films & more!

& the Museum will bring things from it’s vast collection interesting things from Toys to vintage jackets you can take selfies in!

also 16mm short circus/vaudeville/Jazz short films from the 30’s. 40’s and more! Vinyl Music DJ’ed

Drinks and Food, Cool Antiques Demo’ed

The Museum of Interesting Things brings things to Soho for a Summer of Love Secret Speakeasy

177 Prince Street NYC NY 10012

Advance tickets




Hope to see ya sooooon!



Thur July 20th, 2017 7pm
At The City Reliquary!

A 3D VHS Movie Festivalhttps://www.facebook.com/events/1928505230514357/?acontext=%7B%22ref%22%3A%2222%22%2C%22feed_story_type%22%3A%2222%22%2C%22action_history%22%3A%22null%22%7D&pnref=story

Come see excerpts from the Coolest & Un-coolest, cheesiest and, well, more cheesiest movies of all time;

they’re not just on VHS, but… 3D VHS!  Yes…I said 3D VHS tapes!!

Witness antiques from the history of 3D, too!  The Museum of Interesting Things takes you back to the future that the past never saw coming!

3D on VHS, right here before your very 2 eyes!!


This is a vintage Red Raven Movie Records Record.  It has a copyright date of 1956 and is a 78 RPM.  This record has Old MacDonald Had A Farm on one side and Little White Duck on the other side. The Mirror fits on the spindle of a record player and when the records spins you get an animation reflected in the mirrors from the record center. Like a Zoetrope or Praxinoscope actually. I just got this for the Museum’s History of Animation show but it also kills 2 birds (or Raven’s) with one stone since it works with our history of music show too!
One of my Favorite Restaurants is giving a very very special discount to all our fans! Taj in little India 310 East 6th Str between 1st Ave and 2nd Ave is giving The Museum of Interesting Things fans a 15% discount! Just use our secret Password … Interesting Things!  or mention the Museum. How cool is that! I love indian food and have been going to this place since my days at NYU. Also if you go on Tues or Thur you also get $2 beers!
Doc Mac Store 64 Main Street  Irvington, NY 10533  They have been around for over 18 years! AND > They are also extending a special discount for our fans on Apple products and repairs!!! They are an  Apple Authorized Reseller & an Apple Authorized Service Provider.

USE THE WORD INTERESTING: that is our secret password for discounts! heehee

1) 30% off in-store labor and/or 20% off any non Apple accessory.

2) $50. off the purchase of a new Macintosh computer with AppleCare Protection Plan  or Free Accidental Damage plan with the purchase of a new Macintosh computer with AppleCare Protection Plan ($119.95 Value).  Free Data transfer with either option!

One of my fav pastry as well as food places is right around the corner from the Secret Speakeasy and they are offering a 10% discount to our fans, just mention The Museum of Interesting Things! Once Upon A Tart 135 Sullivan Street between Prince and Houston. Enjoy!!!!
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