About Historical Times

This is a blog about world history. The sources of the pictures are readers submissions, HIstoryPorn, History, BattlePaintings subreddits, and Flickr. If you find an image without source and you know the author, please contact me at the ‘Ask’ form.

Mansions in Manhattan (pinterest page) Some bygone, some still existing but repurposed, some off-topic images.

Michael (research subpage) has several topics covered by series of sub-sub pages, including but not limited to: the bygone bathhouses of NYC (lots of excellent detective work on the past street grid of Manhattan and more), the former Stable Row, photographic documentation of the demolition and/or renovation of several buildings in Manhattan, particularly on the Upper West Side, Tin Pan Alley, and photographic documentation of the disused North Shore rail line on Staten Island, NY.