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Presented by Robert Watson

Moored off the coast of Brooklyn until the end of the war, the derelict ship, the HMS Jersey, was a living hell for thousands of Americans either captured by the British or accused of disloyalty. Throughout the colonies, the mere mention of the ship sparked fear and loathing of British troops. Join Robert as he explores the long forgotten story of the bloodiest “battle” of the Revolution, when an old British prison ship claimed more American lives than were lost in combat during the entirety of the War and how the affair would help rally the cause and win the War.

Tickets for this event go on sale October 13*All attendees must purchase a ticket for Special Lectures. There is no reserved seating for this lecture. 

Tickets can be purchased online or at the door.
For tickets purchased online, you will receive a confirmation email from Fraunces Tavern Museum with further event details within 24 business hours.

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BK: Gerard Koeppel presents City on a Grid: How New York Became New York


11/17/2015 – 7:00pm to 8:30pm

This event takes place at our Brooklyn location.

On a scale comparable to the construction of the Erie or Panama canals, transforming the swamps and hills of Manhattan into the illustrious city of today was a project of mammoth proportion. In City on a Grid, Gerard Koeppel tells of how the legendary grid came to be, who did it and why, and what it meant for the growing United States.

RSVP encouraged, but not required.

ISBN: 9780306822841
Availability: In stock at Brooklyn or Jersey City — click for more details
Published: Da Capo Press – November 10th, 2015

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