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April 2017 marks fifty years since the
Museum received its charter from the New
York State Department of Education Board of
Regents. Over that fifty years the Museum has
grown dramatically, collecting artifacts and
works of art documenting the rise of New York
as a port city.; developing and implementing
innovative and award-winning programming;
mounting exhibitions; and preserving a fleet of
historic ships on the East River. Despite three
massive setbacks: the 9/11 attacks, the Great
Recession of 2008, and the floodwaters of hurri-
cane Sandy, the museum is growing once again.
With support from New York City and a dedi-
cated group of staff, volunteers, members and
friends, the Seaport Museum remains an edu-
cational and cultural gem in lower Manhattan.
The Seaport Museum’s 50th anniversary will
be marked throughout the year with the open-
ing of new exhibitions, including Millions:
Migrants and Millionaires aboard the Great
Liners, 1900-1914 (opening June 2017), artistic
and musical performances, lectures and book
talks, walking tours, and a formal 50th anni-
versary cocktail reception aboard the 1885 ship
Wavertree in September. #

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Denny Daniels’ newsletter for the Museum of Interesting Things has the following information to impart: “As I mentioned, save Sept 13th for the Nautical/Prohibition Speakeasy. This week I got this 16mm film on old sailing boats just for that event! Our collection of vintage 16mm films is over 300 and has nearly every subject. From Nasa to Old cartoons to WW2 footage, circus footage and Bouncing Ball singAlong footage. I even got one vintage film on Arctic Ice and a 1940’s German one on how to make shoes. My dad was a big shoe designer.”…

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