Take a fascinatingly risqué journey through time at this immersive lecture and multi-act burlesque show.

  • Sunday, July 9, 2017
  • 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  • $20.00 USD
  • 635 Sackett Street, Brooklyn, New York, 11217, United States

Join the Atlas Obscura Society New York for an evening of bawdy discovery and lively libations as we delve into the history of burlesque, an enchanting form of performance that has shimmied, shaked, and shifted with the times over a transformative century in America.

The sensational Doctor Lucky, the World’s Premiere Ph(Double)D, will be your guide as we fill your imaginations with titillating tales from the past. Doctor Lucky’s long and deep resume includes the production of many popular burlesque shows and the instruction of students at prestigious establishments such as NYU, MICA, and CUNY on “The History of American Burlesque.”

As Lucky chronicles the story of burlesque, a dazzling array of in-the-flesh performances will demonstrate a range of burlesque styles from the past and present. You’ll be invited to sip from specialty cocktails prepared by the bar as you’re swept away by revealing historical revelations on the new, state-of-the-art Littlefield stage.

Performers for this event have been curated to include many of the greatest currently operating in the New York scene: Gin Minsky, Corvette Le Face, Ms. Tickle, Perle NoireLil’ Miss Lixx and the Lady Aye.



Email michelle.bruenn@atlasobscura.com.

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New York, NY

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Shanghai Mermaid’s Victorian Séance

Down Town Association
60 Pine Street, New York, NY

 Sat Oct 24

10 PM


The revelers at ongoing vintage soireé Shanghai Mermaid are no strangers to extravagant costumes, so what to do with Halloween? Host a séance, of course. Inspired by the spiritualist fervor of late-18th-century America, this lavish party takes death and the supernatural as its theme, with actual séances every 25 minutes in the opulent library of the Down Town Association—built in the same time period that inspires the party. Drinks flow, strange performances abound, and music echoes throughout the halls into the early hours. This, not the pricey, crowded amateur-hour Halloween parties next weekend, is the place to get in the holiday spirit(s).

Note: They have a rule that you need to dress up for this party or else you will be turned away at the door even if you paid a ticket.…

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Fire jugglers, trapeze artists, opera singers and more will be on hand for this Saturday’s A Night at Niblo’s Garden in front of 19th-century theater legend William Niblo’s mausoleum. (7 p.m.; Cost: $35, Green-Wood Historic Fund and Brooklyn Historical Society members $30, $35 for non-members; Fifth Ave. at 25th St., Brooklyn).
Prizes will be awarded for best period attire and most authentic picnic (think pigeon pies and whiskey punch).
Venue phone: 718-768-7300
Venue website:green-wood.com
Subway: R to 25th St
Event phone: 718-210-3080
Event website: green-wood.com/toursevents…

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NYC 19th Century Extravaganza
April 26th, 27th, and 28th 2013

The 2nd annual New York City 19th Century Extravaganza! The Extravaganza is a three-day, all-ages expo featuring historically-focused classes, hands-on experiences, and performances highlighting nineteenth-century life in New York City. The festival culminates in a full-day of Victorian-style picnicking, performances, and celebration on the lawn of Brooklyn’s Old Stone House and Washington Park!

Click to view the events schedule!

Presented by the New York Nineteenth Century Society, the Extravaganza aims to be an immersive educational experience. A hand-picked group of renowned historians and passionate artists will share their love of nineteenth-century New York.

All free or affordably priced events during the three-day weekend are open to the public, either by RSVP or on a first-come, first-served basis. Please join us in exploring the past of our great metropolis.

You can also choose to join us in dressing up to fit the theme! There are events that welcome you in your finest nineteenth-century attire, whether it’s an historically accurate reproduction wardrobe from the Civil War era, a fabulous Steampunk-influenced flight of fancy, or a unique Victorian-inspired artistic creation of your own design!

These programs are supported by public funds from the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs.

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