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 E-mailed newsletter from Denny Daniel:
Hi Hi!

It was hard to pick interesting things for this monthly news thingy. We got some really cool stuff! Scroll down to see some. I have been posting really cool stuff on our Instagram & FB & Twitter like our Tesla show (where I met his oldest relative) and new box openings 🙂 Below is also info on Museum show Themes and Booking info of course too 🙂

And best of all the Summer of Love Secret Speakeasy and 3D VHS fest coming up and so many more shows!

– Sun July 23rd, 2017 6pm-10pm all ages
is the Museum Summer of Love Secret Speakeasy

We will debut vintage 16mm films of Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Jefferson Airplane and more! And have clothes you take selfies with!

** If you want the Museum to come to you or to visit see below or just email or call.

– Thur July 20th, 2017 7pm we are at the City Reliquary for a 3D VHS fest! Our 1st there!

– Sat July 15th, 2017 5pm-7pm the Adventure Club (the coolest site!) has our 16mm Jazz fest

Cool News! someone came to the Speakeasy and did a wonderful article and video.

The Museum got some cool new things (I put some pics below for you to check out)

You can now visit our offices on Broadway!  woohoo 🙂
Details are below to schedule a visit here or to have the Museum come to you.

I send only 1 email a month but if you wanna see more pics, events or learn more interesting things then FB the Museum. 🙂 

NOW WE HAVE Instagram

And even Twitter! (using carrier pigeon of course!)

– Teachers/Event gurus, Librarians, humans, the Museum has sooo many new items and themed exhibitions in nearly every subject from science to history / music to photography and more that we can bring to your school or event email or call.
We have some great themes listed below like Eureka! The History of Invention, The Windup Circus & the 16mm Sing-A-Long and other 16mm festivals like music, jazz, Animation, Space and WW2,  The History of Communication, photography, the 3D VHS fest, also science, Suffragettes, WW2/cold war antiques and any era of history and even math and music!

Dennydanielx@gmail.com 212 274 8757

– Here are some library shows, Mineola Libr Jul 22 10-5, Port Jeff Libr 11am adults & 2pm kids July 29th Roosevelt Library Aug 1 at 1pm .

– Also, scroll down, we are partnering with many companies to get you guys discounts on food and things like Doc Mac & TAJ AND our newest partner a 10% discount at Once Upon A Tart if you mention the Museum, see below 🙂

– Last but certainly not least…More More More New Things are below too! Soon we will launch our YouTube channel with Box Openings and more! Stay tuned….

More details for everything below  🙂

Hope to catch ya sooooon!

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Here we have an e-mail with details about Denny Daniels’ Secret Speakeasy party Sunday Night 7/27. The theme of this particular party will be toys, primarily of the wind-up variety. As always, a $10 admission fee is charged to help with the support of the Museum of Interesting Things, which lacks a permanent physical home.

Hi hi!

This has been a nutty month! Summer has been super hot and we got some great new things and fun shows!

– The next Secret Speakeasy is one of one of the favs, The Windup Circus – The History of Toys and we will have some great guest speakers too.

With 16mm short films, interesting antiques, Vinyl LPs, refreshments and demonstrations.
Below are more details.

– If you would like to book the Museum for a school, event or camp email or call. We have some great themes listed below like Eureka & the 16mm Sing-A-Long,  Dennydanielx@gmail.com 212 274 8757

– We are back at Coney Island! Yay!  The Museum will debut the 3D VHS festival there Sat Aug 1 at 8:30pm. Details below and the website.

– There is also a sweet article from DailyOffBeat for the Coney Show:

– There is also info below on booking the museum and details of some of the themed shows/exhibitions we do like Eureka! The History of Invention. the 16mm Sing-A-Long, The Civil War/Prohibition/Suffragette exhibition, The history of Photography show, The Windup circus, Edison/Tesla exhibition and our history of voting exhibition. And of course the doomsday show on the Cold War and Space Race.

More details for everything below  🙂

Do not forget the new acquisitions also below for you to see.

Hope to catch ya sooooon!
Find the Museum on Facebook too, I place new items up there all the time.


212 274 8757


Windup Circus Secret Speakeasy – The Museum of Interesting Things

Sun July 26th 6pm-11pm

The Museum of Interesting Things
takes over a Soho loft for a special
Circus/Windup toy themed party for the Museum.
16mm short movie fest & party!
Drinks, music, food & beautiful visuals!

In the spirit of a true Speakeasy
Anything can change so…
Please check this website before leaving.


We have Special Guest Speakers too this time

Tom the head of SeriousToyz auction house will speak and show things!

Paul of Mattel / Fisher-Price will also talk and show their new toy

The Thomas & Friends™/DC Super Friends™ MINIS engines

and there may be more so check the website!

You are part of a select few receiving this website.
Please only spread to people you know and love!
Yes, the rumors are true, we are shooting part of
a pilot for a possible show at the gig. smile 😉

This is kind of a green energy thing too ya know!

All eras of history some over 100 years old!
See Old 16mm circus, animations, vaudville and more

The Museum has a show featuring
Original Rare short 16mm films from the
1940’s, 1950’s and 1960’s

We’ll even show Dr Seuss!

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